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I lost my three account in one day "no reason"



I think I lost my three account I think because of a malfunction in my internet ,She was causing me a lot of disability playing that day And she was showing me" Refrech Call back " .

 -Then the next day, I was unable to access any of my three accounts, knowing that I do not share accounts with anyone and do not give the password to anyone.

  1.  This my first account level 204image.thumb.png.77f15dda78e708eb954b9afc7a3059d0.png

When I fixed my internet ,I entered my fourth account Nothing happened with my fourth account And I can log in .image.thumb.png.8acb9051e7bb5de061a2ab032a8a337e.png

2- This my Scond account  level 152

image.thumb.png.f5b859bb75660ba7ab6404d196d12bf5.pngimage.thumb.png.45fc7471162d06b4807cc5e882c0b50e.png3-  And this is my third account level 172

Please help me because I worked hard to raise their level .image.thumb.png.00a0a30322a0d0d5bf629684951ddbd7.png

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