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Clan tokens question



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You can keep saving or go for premium risk. If you do not have a lot of weapons and maybe some epic weapon that can help you out to progress not in your arsenal, then go for premium pack. If you need to enhance your weapons level, that mean you do not farm enough to risk buying power kits to increase level. I always will recommend premium having or not having luck. In the end, if 5 epics not in need it is granted, that help you out to level some at your particular weapon. 


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52 minutes ago, Mossyvstone said:

Guess im gonna get premium pack wish me luck later

iwish I get something legendary anything even useless legendary

just legendary so i can upgrade my

3Rd item also thanks for replying

appreciate your opinion/ideas



You are welcome.

You need to consider that there is not a real true answer to give you. The game is based on risk and you need to play in your mind that you will get the worse of it. If you have high expectations to get stuff you will get frustrated really fast and will walk away of the game. 

If you get lucky with a legend high end, all here will be happy for you. If you need that epic never showing in your drops, we are happy too. If you have issues to get epics parts and very rare regardless good or bad epics, you can use those 5 epics if drops only epic and use one to make a legend part. 

Administration of the account it is crucial for long tern progress. We wish you good luck and progress to have fun here with us. Enjoy the game. Play for fun and will see results regardless bad luck. Be positive and consistent if you aim to be the SM best player.

I am just happy making parts and playing for test fun and others to be the best and be on top. 🙃



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17 hours ago, mohamed Alpatal Khalaf said:

i think it's easy to get premium pack, but you may gain only Epic items if you bought Premium Pack.

you should buy Epic Power unit kits instead, it helps you to upgrade your Items.


E-ms exist ya know and some of them are meta items like the massive feet, the recoilers, and also windigo, though it's a replacement it's still a good option. Epics are not trash, they are the foundation of any good player, as f2p anything is welcome, food or not everything has its uses

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