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What can I do with all these items



As the title says I want to know what mechs I can build with all these items

Note: I want my main mech to be heat my second to be either electric or Phys, and the third the remaining element, that bieng if the second is electric the 3rd should be Phys, here's the items:















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40 minutes ago, RaymondL1747 said:



2nd mech: 


3rd mech


Btw I’m not the best mech builder, but those mechs are just based on what you have

Interesting builds. But it is the point to use the items I have cus frankly I'm not the best mech builder either, Ty I'm not a competitive player so I have time enough to test builds. I will try those and see how they do.

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4 minutes ago, Corvus said:

Nice, but remember only with the items I have lol

Ik ik I get frustrated when some one uses part i dont have


(this might take awhile ill make 3 physical 2 heat and 2 energy



These are all the mechs I made (5 physical 3 heat 2 energy) heat and energy aren't my thing. 







Heat 2.JPG

Heat 3.JPG


Energy 2.JPG

If you're going to make a heat mech you need to get something close range otherwise you'll get melted


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Here's the mechs I can think of you can build with the items in your inventory, since you want your first mech to be a heat we'll go for that 


I notice you had the zarkares at max mythical so I suggest you to use this build but this will be temporary because of the second heat mech build which is this:Screenshot_20220412-085746_Chrome.thumb.jpg.0fa6663dee40bdc2ea503f6e6c5d9486.jpg

Once you upgraded the MPV you can switch it with zarkares and have a little more space to also replace iron plating with savior resistance


For the second mech I choose to make a physical mech due to having some of your physical items upgraded 


I made this build in case you want to build this although I don't highly suggest to use this build because of energy mechs you might face in arena that can your drain your energy quickly and you won't get to fight back due to having no weapons that are energy free, so here's the other build you can use that might be able to fight back against those:Screenshot_20220412-085757_Chrome.thumb.jpg.4184123bfd6f3a93176f77e03ca55522.jpg

With the annihilation this can somehow fight back energy mechs even when your energy had been drained


Now for the 3rd mech this is the build I only came up withScreenshot_20220412-085802_Chrome.thumb.jpg.7d13726259d5a119dd6d6089c9fc14da.jpg

You can replace the ultrabright with another malice beam if in case you get one for extra energy drain 

Also the items I used to those builds are mostly E-M in case you don't have some of it you can get them pretty much easily eventually 


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