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A heat mech I designed (uses premium parts)

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9 minutes ago, Imapancake15 said:

I'm new to making heat mechs (I mostly use physical) but I decided to designed a mech, idk if its good or bad so please don't criticize it too much. also I have no idea if this has been used before.

Burning streak.JPG

I understand what you are saying, venturing into the unknown is very difficult so I will give you "some" advice, however these are just "simple" advice (from my experiences, it is therefore not global) therefore surely not to be used for high level constructions, also to know i'm just only r11 ( on my secondary account ) so my advice is not reliable :


stats adviced 

energy Regeneration/cooling average stats adviced : ~330

energy cap/ heat cap average adviced : ~610

 Hp minimum stats adviced : ~2500

Resist : you can use matrix, that very decent but use the 3 different forteress is better .


About weapon synergize 

I see that you have paired 2 type of mech, the hugger and the scope but it is generally advisable to specialize in a specific range but that is not a reason not to put a melee weapon on a mech that attacks at long distance.



The torso is perfect, there is not better. Same for the legs, the massive is the best legs for so many build .

The drone.. there is no better, that very good 👍 

The combo Heronmark+ terrorblade is literally a set of weapon ( with space invader or red rain) used for one of the best builds in the game (currently): heat hugger, I advise you to keep this .

Because from the lack of use of the distance controller it is advisable not to use it, perhaps replacing an basalt armor dissolver ( maybe use the broken version ) instead.


In truth for your first construction it's really not bad 👍 

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