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Tell me why bloodweep is bad

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The damage useless since physical weapons do 400-500 all the time. Its cost energy and heat to use it. And you are going to die anyway before drain your opponent's resistance to zero. The only good thing about it that it's can combo well with Armor annihilator.

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8 minutes ago, Necroswayy said:

It doesn’t seem that bad. It’s got 30 res damage at myth and could be used in conjunction with weapons like frantics and nightfalls. But apparently something is wrong with it.

the thing is, normal res drainers drain a high number of res in 1 turn. there. done. quick and easy and most of the time have no cost. 

bloodweep can do 90 drain, but it takes 3 turns to stack it that high. 3 full turns is a lot for phys mechs. you can die in 3 turns

looks good, looks tempting, but not that worth it in real battle

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It's essentially a slower, heavier, energy consuming resistance drainer. 

We're also stuck in a meta defined by heat huggers, most of what people find success with is either it's own hugger or is knockback focused as counterplay to opposing huggers. A 2-4 range static damaging weapon, no matter how lightweight it may be, isn't going to be very useful in top ranks. 

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