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For real though, are bases really that bad for so many people? Just make your base level 15 for power kits and it becomes worth it, get more coins from gold mines and missions and upgrade your item factories patiently to 20 level and then it becomes fully worth it [chance of legendary is pretty expensive but it is worth it every time u see premium B) ].

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5 hours ago, Pink555 said:

Oh shit here we go again

I agree with you i personaly can tell you base it better i upradge my items faster and it helps you with bonus kits

Silver boxes dont give you that

Still I prefer silver boxes cause base takes to much gold and takes forever to upgrade so in my opinion silver boxes are better

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A good job as a base

Gold Mine


Get 1000golds in level1,Get 75000 golds in level20.

Sliver box


Can get power until in level15


I can get a legend by luck when it becomes level 20.

If want to invalidate a base, depending on oneself.

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1 hour ago, Hacker said:

Ill keep base but how pong does it take to fully max something?

well now, that's a hard question. 

you gota consider how fast you farm, how much you farm, how much arena you play, how many hours you're active, how much other upgrades you need to do, and how much do you play. 

normally, fully maxed takes 3-6 months for general peeps (including upgrade time). i don't have it fully maxed, but mostly maxed (2 more factories to go) and it took about 4 months. 

Discord: Aftokrator#9688

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