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Dude asking for help......


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29 minutes ago, Mossyvstone said:

HElp me pls I need tokens


Or account I literally can't get tokens now it's hard so plss


All ways to get tokens :

- See ads ( 50 tokens per days )

- Raid ( Average 35~40 tokens per week )

- Daily Quest ( 10 tokens per days )

- Portal ( the portal appear 1 time each month, 130 tokens maybe 220 )

- Special quest ( appear 1 time each month, earn 100 tokens when you finish it )

- Free gift ( total in 21 connection = 20 tokens and 2 premium box )

- Clans gift ( Depend the clans, easily you can get 40 tokens from clans in a month )

So with all that you can get average ~2320 tokens in a month ( 75% the tokens you earn come from the ads )

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11 minutes ago, Mossyvstone said:

Bruh I can't do everyday task because i basically have many accounts so doing everyday task is imposble


5 account eveyday is hell


Pick one or two and leave the rest so you can focus on that one or those two, then you can farm tokens ez 


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3 hours ago, Mossyvstone said:

Ye but even if i do that i still have real life thing to do also its kinda impossible cuz I'm always joining and attacking titan and raid so its imposble


Thanks for answering my question is

Bruv we all have real life things to do, just play when you can and do what you can. It's what we all do

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