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Nerf Superb Charge Engine


Nerfing Superb Charge Engine  

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We all know how broken this item is, and it needs a nerf badly, it's also one of the reason why physical mechs dominate in the current meta. If you don't how how op this is, let me explain, it does massive damage compared to the regular charge engine (about double the damage of the regular charge), the damage is comparable to nightfall before it was nerfed. And it's only 3 kg heavier than the regular charge. Therefore I propose a nerf to this item damage, as it is the easiest and simplest nerf without doing overly complicated things like increasing its weight or adding costs to it, or even adding backfire (pretty sure most of use are tired of backfire).

This is max mythical stats of the item currently (found in the old forum maxed mythical listing) Link

264-345 dmg

23 kg

0/0 cost


This is the stats after the proposed nerf

164-245 dmg

23 kg

0/0 cost


As you can see, I only reduced the damage by 100 from both the minimum and maximum damage.

And with arena buffs without divine, it still should do ~197-294 dmg, which is about 200-300 dmg, so still a considerable amount.



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