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Leaving SM to use my time and potential for the real and bigger world!


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Hi everyone.

Sadly, SUPREMEMECH/I/ Zeras  am leaving SuperMechs forever. Thank you for your help, guidance, strength, advice, and more. I have noticed my current prospect while playing this futile game. Actually, all games are futile. I wasted my potential and life on a meaningless, game and this is true with all games. I do not want to be a spoilsport, but it is true. Games are created for people to waste their potential in life, and rather spend it on playing games. That is lame. I was lame. I spent nearly 210 hours on this game. And for what? Enjoyment? Because I was bored? I clearly have not looked at myself in the mirror recently. I could have wasted those hours by boosting my English vocabulary, learning a new language, going outside, meeting friends, reading a decent book, learning how to invest, doing more studies, spending more time with my family, having a decent sleep, and the list can literally go on.

I am ashamed and regret my mistake for playing SuperMechs. If I could go back and not play it, I would. But I can’t. So, I plan to leave and hopefully you will too. Don’t waste your talent and your time on this boring, degrading, rotten, money-hungry game about robots fighting each other. That is mundane and uneventful. And you pay money to excel in in. What a waste of money and time too. Spend your time more efficiently and wisely. Look at me. I wasted 7 months on this game. Nearly 1 hour a day for it. All of that would be a waste since SM teaches me nothing. It sucks my free time, my invaluable time, and my family time. Consequently, I do not plan to sell my account or give it freely since I would be promoting wasted potential and more people to waste their time. My account will stay inactive for life.  If there is something to take away from this speech, it is to spend your time wisely and invest it in something which will reap benefits, rewards, appreciation, and have value. SUPREMEMECH/Zeras out.

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ive played this game since like 2013. I have a job and i sustain myself throughout life just as well as anybody who doesn't play it. Also this isnt an introduction.


1 hour a day? Please. Maybe supermechs isnt the game for you but as a game developer this post punches me in the balls, I do not make games to waste peoples potential, people make games so they can project their own ideas and creativity into full effect. Games are made with creativity and every game has it. While my intentions might be different from other developers which im sure are, we all have a baseline idea; Creativity. And that's what makes games great.


It's not right to demonize video games, you're overthinking it. Things can be learnt from video games. Supermechs being no different, its strategy game, kind of. Maybe you didn't learn anything but you DID learn supermechs wasnt a game for you and that alone proves my point

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