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Is the nightmare torso actually good?



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Really good question.

Nightmare is the most mathematically efficient torso, more so than even the premium torsos, the low weight is perfect for mechs with heavy weapon combos, allows you for lots of variety, however, generally speaking Windigo is the best non-premium torso alongside Naga, the stats and weight are on point for most builds.

TL;DR: Use Windigo, Until you get vests.

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Nightmare is the most efficient torso, but that doesn't mean much when you don't have the modules to advantage of it. Windigo and Naga would be better torsos for a f2p player until you can get monkeys (armors) or vests. Monkeys are the easiest torsos to use because of their high hp, so you won't have to worry as much about res and can put more on stats. Vests are good because of their very high resistances but won't be as good as monkeys until you get a lot of premium modules like fortresses and quad cores because of their much lower hp. Nightmare needs even more combined modules than vests to be effective.

Just wait until you get windigo or naga then upgrade that torso instead, but it's not bad to upgrade nightmare to max epic if you don't have any other torso.

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10 hours ago, Tigergeezer said:

Max the Nightmare all the way to Divine.  You won't regret it.  Stick a Windigo in one of your other mechs, a Naga in the third.  Then when you get MPV and the like you can  upgrade eventually.  But a heat mech with maxed Nightmare and Massive Lava Feet is a good base.


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