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Hey guys! I am posting what I'm about to say in "Funny and meme's" because this is actually kinda funny. So, I'd consider myself a popular person in chat (not bragging, people just like me for some reason) so someone changed their name to "Thanos spoon" and that got me thinking...why not make a spoon cult? I have already gathered a few members and I am making this post to ask if anyone would like to join? You may become a member by changing your name something close to spoon. You must have the word spoon in your name but you cannot use just "spoon"
Example: your ign is spoon the destroyer, you could make your name Spoon the destroyer. The clan is invite only but I will let you in if you would like to join, just send a request!
The clan name is Spoon army
You can be any rank to join, i'd love to see y'all there!

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      Were y'all happy when I was banned?

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