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A short introduction of our clan

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I'm Summus Sarcerdos Tenebrarum, leader of the clan Sacri Ordo Luciferiani. 

I'm in my 44th and still a dedicated gamer. I'm obsessed with old retro games and now a little bit with my sons nintendo switch. Also i'm a huge metal fan, a bit punk and HC. South East Asia traveller. And a film nerd when its about kung fu(shaw brothers) , chanbara, a bit old horror movies(hammer) and splatter. 

This game here is good fun although 8t takes a lot of my free time. And some bugs or whatever fucked me up already and i lost my super expensive account. 

I hope we all can learn from each other and get our clan under the top ranks somewhen. 

Ave Bringer of Light, 

Summus Sarcerdos Tenebrarum 

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