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Possible Builds?


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53 minutes ago, Lifeblood Deep said:

That is a nice build, but due to the fact that Magma Blast and Broken Devourer are single use weapons, range 3 is slightly concerning. 

Hence why the mech has full utilities, allowing range 3 to be covered with utility + Reckoning. It’s not the best, but it’s unlikely a battle will go on to the point that the mech will exhaust all its options for range 3.

Going nowhere with all the intent and purpose of going somewhere.

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Apart from it being a bit heavier, it is superior.

It deals more damage, does more resistance drain, has no backfire, but gives a little bit less heat but that is made up for, as it is energy free and Broken Devourer is not. It also deals max heat and cooling damage, which the Broken Devourer just doesn't do, and it costs less heat.



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