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i need help. (again)


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in the past, i have asked for advice multiple times and then ended up not following any of it because i took a break from supermechs.


now, i am back (and im staying) so i need help because ive been stuck on rank 12-9 for more than a year.



this is my 1st mech:


this is my 2nd mech:


this is my 3rd mech:IMG_2160.thumb.PNG.c2aca5a75e27c9b17f831108e414a353.PNG




this is my inventory:

IMG_2162.PNG.f01bbc8e73031dcf44f3ef21ae76a3ba.PNGIMG_2163.PNG.1b25d2e87c0079a1cb2800f8c7988764.PNGIMG_2164.PNG.f94dfac1f619cf25edd85ca75b79a55d.PNGIMG_2165.PNG.0670e3d5cb9ee261f5175c159ec4aa76.PNGIMG_2166.PNG.a99c4dd19394f08e13b81367850caa3d.PNGpls help

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8 hours ago, Zutchse said:


1st mech is fine when it comes to heating, but bad on energy part.

2nd mech has substandard regen on both sides

based on your inventory, you only have 6 max legendary modules, which is very bad on that rank.

What should my module setup be?

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6 minutes ago, Ruben said:

What should my module setup be?

Since you don't have QCB or OP, this is the best i came up with:

from what I can see- you heat the enemy more than damage, you can add 1 more module (like health or resistance module).


Pretty much the same build, although you can replace the storage with a resistance module.


Its energy mech, so i suggest you balance both energy and heat regen.

This is just a suggestion so feel free to add and do whatever you want to your mechs

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