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Hello, we are a new clan going by the name of 'Era of Legends'. This clan was co-created by Powerful and vip, aiming towards a system of high interest and dedication on the clan. Our interest is to collect as many active players as possible, while competing for the highest possible rewards. Our community will consist of ranks that are o  the verge of getting top ranks, top ranks that are eager to help us climb to the top and lower ranks that can see themselves a formidable player in the foreseeable future.


The requirements to join the clan are:

1. Be at least Rank 15.

2. Completing your daily 5 (35 a week) wins AT LEAST.

3. If inactive for no more than 2 days (without a serious reason), you will be kicked.

4. War participation is CRUCIAL.Your participation must be serious for the best possible rewards.

5. All clan members ought to collect titan tickets and give your best shot at titan. Every single point of damage is important.

As the clan progresses, the demands will evolve according to the path and the goals the creators will set.

As long as there is a response in the clan, a Discord server will be created.

For more info, contact on discord:   Ei ti koitas#6814


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1 minute ago, Ur Hacking said:

I don’t have discord 


Ok.I think i can make an exception for you.Only because you get that many wins.You can send a request in my clan but please create discord for better communication.It is easy and fast.

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