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    • By CleverName
      Hi folks,
      I'll post all my YouTube vids here. Enjoy! 🙂
      CleverNameSM YT Channel
      Testing a Crazy Build Series
      Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 1 (Physical)
      Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 2 (Energy)
      Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 3 (Heat)
      Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 4 (Physical)
      Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 5 (Heat)
      New Item Features
      New Item: Overcharged Rocket Battery
      New Item: Obsolete Energy Cannon
      New Item: Rock Polisher
      New Item: Combined Engine Unit
      New Item: Basalt Polisher
      New Item: Overload Preventor
      New Item: Quad Core Booster
      New Item: Energy Fortress
      New Item: Damaged Armor Annihilator
      New Item: Plasma Fortress
      New Item: Overheated Heat Bomb
      New Item: Platinum Fortress
      New Item: Overloaded EMP
      New Item: Fractured Basalt Annihilator
      New Item: Broken Blizzard Annihilator
      Survive or Switch Challenges
      Boiler Challenge: Survive or Switch
      Rank 1 Arena Fights Series
      Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 1
      Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 2
      Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 3
      Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 4
      Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 5
      Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 6
      Arena Fight Analysis Series
      Arena Fight Analysis Ep. 1
      Arena Fight Analysis Ep. 2
      Arena Fight Analysis Ep. 3
      Rank 1 Meta Series
      Rank 1 Meta: OP Physical Build
      Rank 1 Meta: OP Energy Build
      Rank 1 Meta: OP Heat Build
      Rank 1 (New) Meta: OP Energy Build
      Rank 1 (New) Meta: OP Heat Build
      Strongest Scope Mech Ever?!
      Rank 1 Meta: OP Physical Build
      Rank 1 Meta: OP Heat Build
      Rank 1 Meta: OP Energy Build
      Rank 1 Meta: OP Scope Build
      Rank 1 Meta: OP Tank Build
      Latest Meta:
      Best Builds in SM (Jan 2021)
      SM and Chill Series
      SM and Chill Ep. 1
      SM and Chill Ep. 2
      SM and Chill Ep. 3
      Challenges with Purific
      Frantic Encounters Ft. Purific
      Fan Made Builds Ft. Flecen
      Energy vs. Heat (Collab w/ FAIOLA GAMES)
      Other & Misc.
      Fighting the CEO of SuperMechs (Alex)!
      Beating 3v3 Campaign in Insane Mode
      Strongest Inventory In SM
      Super Mechs in Sync
      Massive Inventory Upgrade
      Inventory Update
      Climbing to #1 in 3v3 season
      Can you survive Rank 1 with scope builds?
      Using 6 UPCs in 3v3
      4 Axes on 1 Mech
      Global Chat & Fan Encounters
      Hugger in the Arena
      Super Close 3v3 Fight
      Dominating 3v3 Arena
      Winning my first solo medal
      Winning another 3v3 season
      Hitting 300 AP
      Hitting 400 AP
      Hitting 500 AP (current record)
      Fighting with some Legends
      Most intense cooldown fight!
      Winning a lost fight, Rounded vs. Counters
      Getting Revenge on Counters
      Testing Crazy Builds
      Testing New Energy Builds
      Premium Pack Giveaway! (celebrating 1k subs)
      Using Clones!
      Crazy Boiler Build!
      4K Health Mech
      Inventory Management Guide (fooding divines)?
      How to Spend Tokens in SM (spending 70k tokens on inventory space)
      Opening 50 Premium Packs
      Opening 200 Premium Packs
    • By CleverName
      Similar to the old forum, feel free to ask me anything. (I do reserve the right to not respond to some questions/give vague answers where applicable.)
      Some quick FAQs I usually get:
      Q: How much have you spent on SM?
      A: 5 figures USD.
      Q: Where do you live?
      A: NY, USA.
      Q: How old are you?
      A: Mid 20s.
      Q: Where do you work/what do you do?
      A: I work in private equity for a firm on Wall Street. Private Equity is basically investing in companies, improving them, and then selling them (so basically investment banking + consulting). Feel free to learn more about it online!
      Q: What's your name?
      A: Sorry, I'm trying to keep my identity secret. (So that is why sometimes I may not answer some questions too clearly.)
      Q: Do you have a YouTube channel?
      A: Yes, you can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/c/CleverNameSM
      Q: Can you give me tokens/items/accounts?
      A: No.
      Q: Are you a SM/TS/GG/Forum Mod/Dev/Admin?
      A: No.
      Q: Can you help me with builds?
      A: I prefer giving build advice to Rank 1 players, as that's where I have the most experience. There should be a Build Help section on this forum; I'd recommend you go there to ask for help. I made a topic on Current Meta Builds - I always play the best build in the game.
      Q: Why do you play SM/why did you spend so much?
      A: SuperMechs for me is something I enjoy playing. I enjoy playing it not so much for the technical aspects, but it’s more of a nostalgic game for me as I played it when I was a bit younger and really enjoyed the game (and with nostalgia, comes happiness). I don’t remember why I quit, but when I found the game again, it’s really been great. I also really enjoy the community here, being able to be creative with builds, and having a close fight every now and then. =P 
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