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Work In Progress Of Beamer Drone

White Star

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Open for all suggestions, democracy allowed!


Edit: It's finished... i would like to do energy and heat versions but today my hand hurts...


It was hard trying to mimic Corrupt Light/Malice Beam laser thingies


If i feel like i would tweak it...but for now that's all i can do.



I have my own name suggestions BUT other's name suggestions are 100% welcome just like the knockbacking triangular barrelled drone i did earlier remember?

My own:

• Astro for Physical

• Sol for Heat

• Nebula for Energy 

thinking about it more i came up with: Astro Blaster, Sol Flare, Nebula Spark.



• Later i will make a poll for people to vote in which name shall be the chosen one.

This time... the quality of suggestions will be considered, if i think your suggestion is meh or lazy then it's chances to make into the poll is minimal, don't be mad about it... because my personal preference is priority since this is my creation yes?🗿 you do have democracy... at a price! that is... [ evil laughter ]


Anyways, i will emphasize:

Open for suggestions so feel free to do so.

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