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Remake of a drone i drew long ago

White Star

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"White Star Is Addicted To Drones: The Sequel"


I don't have stats for this yet... But i will implement my own mechanic i made on them, AP [ Armor Piercing ].


• Just like a certain legacy drone... this one fires a beam [ Just like Reckless/Hysteria/Savagery Beams ].


Names options:

Phys - Astro Blaster

Energy - Nebula Spark

Heat - Sol Flare


Edit: Older sketches are here!

• This could be it's Epic level appearance.


• This could be it's Legendary one.


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19 minutes ago, Electro said:

For names i find that astro and power wave suit him well as a name .

Hell yeah!

We got Cosmos... Now we need Astro!

Power Wave is also a good choice.

14 minutes ago, Tesla Surge said:

Yes it looks amazing.

It glad you like it Tesla. 👍🗿

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Just like side/top weapons... this drone tilts a to aim and fire the laser beam...

In legacy, only swords/hammers/axes could tilt... no other weapon could, same for that legacy drone that fired beams, it always fired straight forwards. [ if the opponent was smaller the beam sprite wouldn't touch the enemy but the damage would still be done 🗿 ]

It's time for SM drones to be able to tilt too.


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