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Effect Idea for electric item


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In thinking how to make energy balanced i had thought of an "conversion energy" effect for the weapon and drone (Can be also for the legs )



Energy conversion effect :

As the name suggests it will convert part or your energy into additionnal damage or another stats (energy drain, electric resist drain... )

However there is a limit of energy that can converte .

Important : the effect is triggered after the require energy consumption or the weapon and if you have energy left but not enought for reach maximum energy limit the bonuses obtenained will be lower .


Here is an example of a weapon that would have this effect :


stats at level 50 mythical (Arena boost not included )



What does it mean "( 2 / 3 ) ?

-the stats with the " (  ) " are the stats will receive bonuses from the conversion effect .

-The number "2 / 3 " means that each amount of energy will be converted into such nomber of stats .

Question :

 - Will explosif weapon have a similar effect to this one ?

No, the explosif being the strongest type when i did the topic .

- Why especially energy ?

The energy being a kind of fusion of the physical (for the damage) and the Heat (for blocking the ennemy) but unfortunatly it has a trouble draining opponents ennemy and other other inconvenience but i will not talk about it because it is not the heart of the sujet so allowing him to be able increase damage and / or energy damage could help (even if i know that it will not solve the main weakness of the energy )

And also it seems more logical to be able to use more energy for to make attack more powerful than to overheated for hurt more .

Any question ? I answer with pleasure .


Edit: i could not answer i would be off 

(Sorry for the quality ^^' )

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