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the shotgun iron bark (i think that the name) can be switched out for something better when you get there. just make sure it's range 1-2 and have push. 

corrupt light and dawnblaze is good. no need to change them. 

heat point is a decent drone, but try to get one that have unlimited uses. 

since it is a heat mech, it'll be best to not upgrade the teleport since it serves it's purpose and have the lowest energy cost when not upgraded. 

try to find some heat legs. massive lava feet is good. others can work too. if you really can't find any heat legs. phys legs also work. 

swap out a reckless beam for supreme cannon if you have room since rocket launchers are always heavier than other weapons. 

increase energy regen and get more energy mods since zarkares torso will cover a part of the heat stats. no need to worry too much on resistance or high hp from plates just yet. 

finally, DO NOT USE OVERWEIGHED MECHS. (sometimes it's fine, but........ just don't) find room or swap items if you need to. 

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