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Inspired by Supermechs...

White Star

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Not an ACTUAL "super mech" but it is SUPER in despite of conditions.

So... i have drawn this a few months ago, it's called Red Shift.


The info is not relevant to Super mechs mechanics, it's done for fun:

• Top weapon: HELLFIRE, a multi-barreled grenade launcher, High explosive shells and a very fast fire rate at the cost of long reload time, targets gets "firecracked" to tiny tiny little pieces. 🗿

• Mech's right bottom weapon: JUSTIFIER, a super heated laser cannon... pierces through targets to hit EVEN more targets behind it. A standard weapon, a weapon of choice of Red Shift.

• Mech's left bottom weapon: NOVA, a plasma cannon with a enormous blast radius, suited to take down anything that even dares or have the audacity to fly nearby the mech, the plasma ball that it's shot detonates mid-air at ease. similar to a BFG 🗿 big 'ol ball of plasma!


PS: I don't have stats in mind because you know... this was made for fun and not to be accurate to Super mechs itself



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Just now, Raul said:

This drawing is great!

Thank you!

So i was digging around my papers and found a physical drone.

Another one without stats... Oh well... all i know is that's supposed to be a knockback dealing drone just like ShockWave/FlameWave.

It does not have a name... so feel free to suggest one.


My own suggestions would be:

• Soul Buster

• Platinum Piercer

• Impact


But as i said, feel free to suggest. 🗿


• Digital drawing, quite sloppy... i should use a ruler next time. 🗿

188 Sem Título.jpg


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