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Please bring back the proposed energy buff


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Everyone: if you agree with me, please reply and say so.  If you don't agree, just keep walking.  I'm just interested in seeing if there's still any interest in this.


Please bring back the proposed energy buff we were discussing in the balance team in February-March of this year.

I believe it's needed, and I believe the buff is small enough that energy won't become overpowered as a result.

Many here and on discord believe that quad cores and overload preventors more or less weakened energy.  But I believe your proposed buff, which is small, would help fix this.

I am willing, and I think the balance team is willing, to discuss how much the buffs are, but more or less most had already said it would be a good idea.

Please consider looking at how many reply to agree.

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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Idk at top ranks, but energy is very annoying at lower ranks for me. But ye, a buff would work since energy is sorta underpowered considering heat makes ppl shutdown and physical kills people fast.

Then someone askes for a nerf lmfao

To be fair, I ran energy as my second mech. Its hard to run without being constantly overheated. Plus energy mechs are useless against energy free heat/energy free phys mechs. So ye... They should be buffed 

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Disclaimer: *I run an energy for my main mech on my main account*

A response thread to the nerf energy one? Anyways, I agree that energy could use a slight buff. I underperform against most physical and heat builds, unless they're built to counter other heats. It's only gotten more annoying in r7-r6 with all of the counter builds. 

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