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Littlelost Your Lost

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Clan was created : 2015

clan weekly win: 81 first place ,32 second place ,101 third place.  

flag clan image.png.9af40301863325c9fb5b110bde6e98fb.png   creation by Dany (littlelost) .

change boss:  Dany , grosbite and now Andernut.

Hey guys! We looking for new members, active and honest players, with nice attitude, who want to learn from the oldest and powerfull clan in the game…

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Hallo!, I am not a newbie, but I am not among the top 10000 (maybe even 100000). But I like playing super mechs and I have quite advanced in it... I want your guidance to be the top 1.

My level in arena :13 (average)

My XP level: 73.

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wait, whens valentines day again? 🤷‍♂️

3 hours ago, OKI DOKI said:

Ah, thanks a lot my friend. Hope to get some of some love. 🥰 Sure gift is ready. 🤣 IF not I will get kill 🎁 Just saying😘



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How   many wins your clan  reach ?do you exept rank 10 or 9 players

4 hours ago, Grosboss said:

hi, you can join us if you want, we don't have any requirements at the moment

Was Andernaut the leader of the clan?

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