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Things I should do with EFA  

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  1. 1. what should I do with my energy free armour

    • Hybrid energy mech
    • Heat mech
    • Physical Mech


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17 hours ago, Energy Boi said:

Hey I got some energy free Armour but I don' t know what to use it for. so give me what to make with it

and for which category wins what weapons do I use for it?

energy free armor works with any build that don't need energy, but you can use a weapon that need a little energy if you want, just don't use something needs too much energy

NEVER use energy free armor for energy builds except dual hot flash

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oh ok I see heat won the most votes. I do have 2 hot flashes but for physical and heat I have nothing

no I'm not kidding I have nothing on the others except energy

I do have some Ideas on heat though... here what do you think?

Screenshot 2021-11-24 10.11.10 PM.png

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9 hours ago, Energy Boi said:

I like the set with the magma blast. because I just got one in golden portal. hah

I also got a nightfall for a physical mech soon. I was hoping for a windforge drone tho from the legendary' s 

it's pretty good tho

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Nice Idea I do need to max base tho its at level 15 and at max chance of legendary is nice but overpriced and silver boxes are better when it comes to maxing items fast but at max it just a free premium box that takes way to long to get and is way to Costly that it's less constant than just saving up for a premium pack that isn't very hard

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