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Post length limit?


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@Elcent or @Alexander

Sorry to bother you guys again.

You know of my bad habit when I get carried away and end up writing 4x as much as I originally intended...It seems it doesn't really work on this forum?

I had a longer post and it said it required permission from an admin.I was wondering what the word/character limit was for a post to be taken in by the system like it is,or rather,before which limit does it not require moderator action.

Thank you!

As in,wait,I can't keep making the occasional walls like I used to do on discourse?

OH MAN!THIS HURTS!What will Lake be without his walls every couple weeks??


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There is no character limit on posts that you would run into I believe, there is one but it’s so far, I doubt even Josh could reach it (further than our discourse one I am pretty sure).


Your post was probably tagged automatically due to using the f-word. Posts with bad swearwords are held for manual review to make sure their use of them is very light. I suggest cleaning up the language a bit, i’ll approve it then.

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