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i need help with this heat any suggestions?

Templario soul

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Do not use that TORSO. Ok in the past but go for nightmare if you do not have VEST or WINDIGO or Monkey.

Use that heat drainer Ok to use heat bomb. You do not have modules to support that mech. No cooling, regeneration or or heat/energy reserves. 

get modules set in order to prepare mech. As it is without modules impossible.

too much weight and will have to reduce some weapons for modules 

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13 minutes ago, Templario soul said:

apparently those molten are going to help me something


Captura molten.PNG

yes. max the 3 molten. and max the energy too. Hold back any other. You have WINDIGO and that one can be use for heat and physical. The VEST torsos help on resistance. Go for it and are good to combine. 

the molten can be use for the 3 class type of mech. Can be use for energy, phys and heat

by the time you have the molten then you can replace WINDIGO use but in mean time use it for heat and phys 

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