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unstable lightning blaster


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an energy side weapon,L-M tier



legendary lvl 1 stats:

77 weight

67-108 electric dmg

76 energy dmg

12 max energy dmg

12 regeneration dmg

30 resist drain

16 heat cost

47 energy cost

115 backfire


mythical lvl 1 stats:

77 weight

123-180 electric dmg

103 energy dmg

29 max energy dmg

29 regeneration dmg

45 resist drain

25 heat cost

75 energy cost

171 backfire


2 uses on all tiers,shoots a electrici energy beam

im not sure about stats yet so please tell if you have an opinion.



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I don't know what to think about this. It feels like a combination of bunker shell and valiant sniper, taking the best aspects from each, then adding weight, heat/energy cost and backfire. Given that the stats you proposed are for level one, I feel like it would be kinda op for draining opponents as a maxed out mythical, but maybe the weight and all of the costs to use it would be enough to compensate. 

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