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I found a bug that prevents you from getting bonus coins or items after watching ads



Hi folks,

I found a bug that prevents me from receiving bonus items and coins for a few hours after doing certain things. I've tried different setups the past couple of weeks and can finally recreate this issue so here is how to do it so you don't do it accidentally lose out on your coins and items.

The steps are:
1. Collect all the items your base has produced and watch the ads.

2. Have a more than max inventory. You can do this by opening an item box with 1 inventory space left.

3. Win a lot of mission that give you item boxes while your inventory is full (at least 10 or more).

4. Watch all the free token ads until it says "come later"

5. Complete another 5 mission that give you an item box.

Now (if its not an android version specific bug)  you should get a black +## Legendary card after watching bonus item ads and receive a "no rewards available" notification after winning arena and watching bonus coin ads. The black card isn't an item, it's just an error message because no item is produced after the card flips. Also,I didn't think about posting it until now so these aren't all the times it has happened. I figure I've lost about 12 coins and 14 items. Do you think I could submit a support ticket to get them back? It kinda sucks but then again maybe it's a built in feature to let me know I've been playing way too much, haha.














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47 minutes ago, Exquisite Phosphorus said:

So that mean you can get 60 tokens in a day?! Why did no one told me this. Wait so you can watch 30 ads in a row or what? 

Watch one on phone and then watch all at once on pc/puffin on phone. You have to refresh each time you watch one

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