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Weapon selection


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I'm interested to know what people would put on my physical mech.  



Here are all the items I have.  What would you use?  (Think future build, too.  You can pick epic weapons, and I'll just upgrade them.)

Backbreaker, legendary level 40

rock recoiler, epic level 7

unrepaired laser cannon, epic level 4

nightfall, mythic level 25

annihilation, mythic level 1

night eagle, legendary level 2

reckless beam, legendary level 40

tonto, legendary level 1

Hurlbat, epic level 1

Selfish Protector, epic level 1

Iron Plating: max

Savior Resistance: max

You can get rid of the grappling hook, charge, and/or teleport but you can't change the heat or energy modules (so you have only one module slot to use).

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