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Wich arm weapon is better?  

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  1. 1. I have two heat weapons two usd but idont know which is better

    • Terrorblade (the axe)
    • Flamming hammer

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I guess it would depend on your build, If you had a Crimson Rapture, Red Rain, and a Heat Bomb, Terrorblade would be better, for close range boiler. If you have distance weapons, such as Dawnblaze, Corrupt Light, Savagery, etc., Flaming Hammer, would be better. You can always look in the WU, and see what works for you. Perhaps someone with more experience, will reply here eventually. 

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21 hours ago, Patimomo said:

I dont have many weapons


As Exquisite Phosphorus said, definetly stick with the hammer as most of your weapons seem to be long range (3-6,4-8). I reccomend getting a magma recoiler so you can cover 1-2 range better, also as Phosphorus said.

TLDR: Stick with hammer and get a magma recoiler if possible.

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