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Subtle, yet possibly massive update to Base and Arena boxes


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Pretty self explanatory from the title.

I genuinely think that base (level 20 legendary/epic cards) and arena boxes could be greatly improved by simply removing all items that end at the epic rarity from it's drop pool.
This is a similar thing that was applied to premium packs during 2018.

Edit 1: Main complaint, this is a rank 3 arena box, and i've been getting pretty much similar loot for the past half year, with the last good thing i got being all the way in may.


Feedback appreciated

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That's true. The amount of epics I get that i csnt upgrade is mad. But they r always used ad upgrade chips so to speak for me, so I don't rly mind rn. Bc I'm a consistent rank 10-9 rn, I still gets legs, which is rly nice.

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