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Flex Thread I


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7 hours ago, SawzAll said:

Today I FINALLY got a Rusty Energy Armor.  Not going to lie, I immediately fed my mythical level 40 Grim Reaper torso to it, because Grim sucks in terms of hit points.  Now I need another Thanos torso for my physical mech.


Y`know, I can have a mech with grim and just as well have 3015 hp XDDDDD

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(fighting in arena)


(phys mech explodes)


(heat mech closing in)


(checks hammer's stats)

Let's do this.




(mech teleports in)

(player quits)

I hate battery armor with a passion. I can't even tell a mythical one from a legendary one.

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It's a FLASH GAME. At least, it once were.

Get over it

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7 hours ago, Reactivation said:

Y`know, I can have a mech with grim and just as well have 3015 hp XDDDDD

I question that one.  Is this because you have like 4 x platinum platings and you max'd your arena hit point buffs and you're using The Claw?  I don't see any Grim Reapers among the top ten arena players.

You cannot deny that if you were to suddenly substitute a divine Rusty Energy for your (probably) divine Grim Reaper, you'd instantly have a heck of a lot more hit points.  That's just the way the item stats are.

-----------------------------------------------------  NEW FLEX POST:

Finally, because I was working on fixing my inventory from all the birthday and Christmas money PPs....

Now I have two Desolations and an Energy Free torso, so I may play around a little with energy-free heat.

I have an honest question, though: I do not like tracks like Rolling Beasts and Sparked Runners, though they are good legs.  Is there any meta in which they are absolutely necessary?  Because I only have 3 months of experience, I see that there are nearly no top ten arena players (Arena > League) that use treads rather than massive legs.  Please teach me some stuff here: is it bad to use them as myth food?


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"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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7 hours ago, Turtle said:

Stone feet are just straight up better than Rolling Beasts, albeit the Rolling Beasts have 3 movement.

rolling beasts are ok

3 minutes ago, Chaotic_Shadow said:

Disappointment incoming..

Screenshot (364).png

Screenshot (365).png

I've had battery armor drop 2 times as a legendary from fortune boxes, seems like a common drop for fortune boxes

epicspeedster, SpeedMachine, Slayer Of Boundless Damnination, AnonymousDemon

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