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Flex Thread I


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I know, I know, I'm encroaching upon WinzKay's sacred role. However, I've seen that this is the most active topic on the previous forum, so it stands to reason that it'll be necessary (to some degree) on this new one. I'll start:

And in the words of WinzKay:

Flex it. 

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Why are you reading this? Go look at the next post.


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2 minutes ago, CyberRodrigo said:

My first post in this new forums.Omg.thumb.png.bb5bb8a3436bf33f56ac8d77a3da3c22.png Today 19/12 Is the Fractured EMP special drop, but instead of getting that garbage, i got this wonderfull thingy. Finally for once i get luck in this kind of "extra chance drops".

Wow gg bro!! Arguably the most helpful mod for the new meta build!! (Sorry I ran outta likes bro)

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