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Insane Gold Portal - Small guide


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Today's a special event, a gold portal with the reward of 200 (!!!) total tokens if you clear all 3 difficulties.

Since the insane difficulty is what mostly everyone will have issues with, i decided to make a small reference point for those who want those 100 reds.

Below are the 4 mechs you will encounter in this portal, 2 buggies, 2 tanks, 3 mechs, and Roaster.


150~ Cooling  / 150~ Regen on buggies.
200~ Cooling / 200~ Regen on tanks.
250~ Cooling / 250~ Regen on the mechs.
275~ Cooling / 250~ Regen on the boss.

Here is the mech that i used to clear insane, without a revive: 

image.png.50433cb12c574f42f3a99bb92eaeef1a.png                   image.png.613b446fb56ce7bee733764928cf99c5.png

Here's a more free to play version that should work just as fine: 



You could also use a boiler, or a physical mech to brute force with damage, but i prefer energy more for these portals as it disables their weapons.

Good luck!

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