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Some campaign bot ideas


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Campaign seems to be a little easy for the experienced players. So i added 3 types of bots to make it a bit more challenging with newer weapons. (Dont think them as this buffed. Think like they are at legendary tier.)Screenshot_2021-08-18-18-33-20.thumb.png.c6cf8cac03d0707144bef2c0d57463bc.png


(the first 2 mechs were supposed to have more res on their element.)

So what do you think?

Update: Made some changes on the last mech because i thought it was a bit OP.Screenshot_2021-08-18-21-49-37.thumb.png.37c8a34ff5161d1382448f5ab91ec6c8.png

I still dont think this is the last product, but it looks fine for now.

(I thought of adding 2 bigdaddies. Though i still think its a bit weird. If you want to you can comment some ideas for the 3rd mech.)

I threw some random things tbh lmao

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A wise noob once said: energy weapons should get nerfed.


PS: The noob was me.

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