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Factory Crafting.

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8 hours ago, NAME_NOT_FOUND said:

THe 100 sample size got 20, I was 6 for 32...

this is reasonable. they both equal roughly 20%. average to around 19%

8 hours ago, NAME_NOT_FOUND said:

but where I was 0 L+, the other was 6.

now..... 6/100 does not equal 0/32. 

no no no. getting a small number of L-Ms is not the same as getting none. And the only reason you got none is because you just simply didn't buy enough to samples. 

also, 6% and 0% does not average to be 2.5%. it averages to 3%...... not that that really matters. 


Also, Drops are different for every player the RNG numbers are put into the system, but are randomized every time you actually use it. I'd probably say this is 90% luck/the will of god and 10% actual numbers. There could simply be a multiplier to the drop ratios and if [by luck] you get a multiplier larger than your sample size, you drops will look like trash. 

I've done programing in drop rates before. I'd usually just have 4 items with their drop ratio doing from 4 for least rare and 1 for rarest, and 2 and 3 for the stuff in between. Sometimes, the drops are good and I'd get several of the rarest items in 10 samples. sometimes, the drop are bad and I can get absolute sh*t after 200 drops. 

The rates are all the same (or should be the same) for everyone. It's just a multiplier to make each individual data point not look like an outlier. The ratios are all the same. 

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