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Random Polls and Stuff


Random Polls and Stuff (recreated from my lost account years ago)  

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  1. 1. What Element

  2. 2. What range

  3. 3. Which items are good items

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So on my lost account from years ago, I had this post called "random polls and stuff."

I started by posting like 20 fun polls about random stuff. It was really popular, over 100 people voted on each poll.

After, people kept adding polls through the comments section. It hasn't died since 2020, I think.

Anyway, seeing how fun and popular it was, I wanted to do some more fun polls. Please enjoy.

Also why is there a poll number limit now, I will see if I can add more

Nevermind, you can't, let me know if you want more questions on a new post

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      Were y'all happy when I was banned?

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