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Had enough already.I'd be happy to do something unheard of yet.


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If TS sold the game,can they sell the discourse forum?

Just how expensive could it be?It's okay;I'll smoke less or maybe even quit;win-win.And if it costs more than what I waste every month (unlikely),I will take money from other directions I've invested/wasted.Even if they just change the payment place/person to mine/me,that's fine as long as it remains alive.

I am honestly willing to buy it,or at least pay for its maintenance.That means I couldn't care less if I didn't have proprietary rights or be made a mod to it (be given access to it as owner) and instead only be a simply and mere donor for its ''life support'' while TS keeps maintaining/moderating it.Yes,I am very serious.Spent many years there,every single day,and this new forum is just too much (not literally;it lacks too much that can't really be helped and hardly makes sense in many commonly sighted situations).

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You're free to start a new forum if you like (https://discoursehosting.org) but nobody is selling you the players emails and private data. If your forum holds decent standards and a bit of activity, we'll potentially link it.


This is world-class software also used by LinusTechTips, Neowin, NBC, SEGA, previously Minecraft (they switched to something custom built when they were bought), GTAForums, Nexusmods...... It's used by a large percentage of the biggest forums in the world. You're free to dislike it and your feedback is welcome, but the platititudes are a bit unneeded. They do things differently, but they don't do things "wrong". A lot of players like this one and this is generally considered one of the best options out there.


I made the choice between this and discourse twice now. I've went both ways, they're "different".  😛

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Of course;they're not wrong.They right in a different directions.As you don't compare a car and a bike,even if they may essentially do the ''same thing''.

You know,I never really minded that fact.Like...what matters if the ''big ones'' use a thing.That doesn't make it the best just because ''the best'' use it.Just how professional snipers use modernized M14s when they're not nearly the best option overall out there.

It's a matter of prefference here,not of brand.And yes,some may like one and others may like the others and that's okay!Because that's the whole concept of diversity and personality!But still,at least from me,it feels like it's missing.

It's pretty cute,pleasant to the eye,fun-ish but functionally pretty...not really incomplete as it's a complete product for certain things it involves,but rather underwhelming...The old forum had a pretty boring outline and was plain,but heck,it had so many functions and one could do anything on it.Such a nice interface options-wise,in spite of its aesthetic appearance.

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      Were y'all happy when I was banned?

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