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Iceberg Ionizer


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25 minutes ago, NitronexuS said:

1 knock in

so, a pully.....

pretty heavy (maybe a little overweighed)

really high energy cost. 

seems to work like a hammer except range and pully

dmg shouldn't double when divined (that's not how it works). divine stage usually only have like a ~10% increase... ish

cooling and res drain also shouldn't increase when divined

heat dmg should stay the same as a lvl 50 myth (whatever that number is)

heat weapons should look red or crimson, not orange. could cause visual misconception. 

otherwise, pretty good drawing 👍👍

btw, how would it work? grenade? grapple launcher? alien beam that sucks you in? (i'm running out of ideas.....)

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1 minute ago, NitronexuS said:

it works like a shotgun (like mercy but pull in)

.... very.... intesting......

a shotgun.... with 1 barrel? mercy had 4, so it actually looked like a shotgun. perhaps another visual misconception to be a cannon. 

and i've ... never... in my life.... heard of a shotgun that doesn't push....much less, pull

also, shotguns are usually seen as a short range gun. so a 4-8 range shotgun..... doesn't really make sense. 


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6 minutes ago, NitronexuS said:

Dark eagle is a shotgun

right, but the thing you're missing is that

1. dark eagle have more than 1 physical gun barrel on the item

2. shotguns don't pull. 

3. dark eagle is ranged 2-4... that's still reasonable. 4-8 range is not. seems a bit far from reality

i know it's going to be something "new," but having a shotgun that pulls its just .... wrong (pls don't take this as an offense, i just simply can't find a better word)


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Maybe have it like a grenade launcher because this looks more like a terror cry with sharper edges to me (not that its bad, its just what im seeing and its still a cool art so great job 😄

EDIT: I just realized this just makes it a side weapon version of night eagle, so.... maybe boomerang gun? hits target twice and explodes on the second way coming back, the "hitting target twice" means that the damage is split between 2 waves, for example instead of dealing 300 in 1 shot it deals 150 in the first hit and another 150 in the second hit

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12 hours ago, AftoKrator said:

600 per shot? that's a lot

well not 600 per shot, the damage in total would still be 300 but the base 300 damage is just split between two hits which makes it 150 per boomerang hit, and 1 turn counts as 2 hits from the boomerang (due to how a boomerang comes back after being thrown/shot), not sure how to explain this since i am not an expert at explaining 

EDIT: Here's an image version of what i meant when i said the 300 damage is split between 2 hits2069104787_smexplain.thumb.png.0dabca3baea9e6ab0e827b322300fc32.png

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