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OP Positioning and ease (and pleasure) of reading.


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@Alexander Alex!!!

Let me describe this idea to fix quite an infuriating eyesore with two pictures:

Instead of this ugly setup that makes your OP not-so-visible and seem like a reply...


...can we do something like this that would make an OP actually seem like an OP instead of a reply and help it get taken seriously?



We seriously don't have to see ourselves twice,like ''small me and big me''.

Everything could be one single and beautiful box of radiant and nice text,instead of a mess of a fractured frame in like 3 directions.

Also,is there a button to 25%-50%-75%-100% our posted pics?They're occupying just too much space and you can't understand anything from a pic of higher resolution if you got any text somewnere.

ARGH,I hate this forum.


Also,can we do something about consecutive replies?

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The OP is there because it sticks on pagination and going to page 2 and having the top change would potentially be confusing. Apple has that in their design guidelines actually. 😛


image.pngYou can resize pics, just double click them, you can even move them. See on my right.

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