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Finally decided to Divine few premium weapons. I have been doing some torsos and few drones recently in both accounts. Now, finally will do few top and side weapons. for OKI DOKI, top weapon will be the first one premium and since 2020 the only premium side weapon a Mercy has been the single divined weapon. WOW, 3 years to make a top weapon and 2.5yrs for a second side. Doing great with relics. 😶

Ok, let see what I have divined in OKI DKI


For my O.D FARM, it is the first premium weapons apart of few drones. WOW, close to 3 years to make a side or top premium. As in OKI, doing great with relics. 🥴


OK, back to save relics and gold for it. Expensive. 🙂



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