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3 hours ago, Arsenic said:

No I think I will Don't

~old captain america or smth

aye fnf pfp spotted... opinions overly obliterated, facts (told but not checked) fairly flushed, statements still substandard, words whoppingly whomped, reviews really retaliated

On 6/26/2022 at 6:11 PM, Monochrome said:


Quite flex worthy i'd say, from todays offer.

dayum... best I had was 3 and would've been better but sus if grim kobra was legendari

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1 hour ago, BananaananaB said:

frantically tryna max deez...

so I had an arena match against a dude with dual frantics and all shots were minimal like only 120 dmg but kinda made snese since I have 90 res but it's shots were a rare middle range instead of either minimum or max

I hate y'all frantic users grrr

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