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14 hours ago, Senkowo said:

Same! In the past days I've been doing the same :




Oh god bobson 2.0 rip arena



On 7/7/2021 at 6:16 AM, OKI DOKI said:

hmm, maybe I should play a bit serious and stop to play funny🤡. Oh well, ehh nahh I like to be in the fun side🙃. lets drop since those guys are in the killing serious business 🤣🤭

I will stick to mu farming paying more dividends. 🤤 Relax time and eat without problems 🍕🍺🙃





Oki doki you need to go to rank 1 with full stars than you will reach rank 0

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28 minutes ago, Mr Lord said:

So its season end which means its time to open my weekly fortune boxes, base cards and rank 1 arena box

2 factories × 3 cardsScreenshot_20210710_042947_air_com.supermechs.superapp.thumb.jpg.7ead7a7506b84597ed077ac8be4bd367.jpg

2nd OP 😍

The other one dropped 3 epics -_-


Out of 18 Fortunes 3 legies and got my 1st red rain :3

Others are foods

Rip Rank 1 box it just showed the purple light again 

Nice goodies there. Sad about R1 box. 

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