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Check how long you will take to reach level 250 - OD6 Grinder


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2v2 hard is great for fortune boxes for lucky accounts granting them. I recommend 2v2 hard if you are lucking for lucky legend grant. My accounts are terrible to get them and no just are bad to get them but also the mix boxes drop it is really bad with many empty grants. I play OD6 because the drop for mix boxes it is good in my accounts  and I need them to max weapons.  Also, for my way of play due of lack of time it does work better clicking for fast grind when too busy at work without interrupt work. 

It is about choices and time availability. If no rush to get L250 and good FB drop then go better for 2v2 hard. You might lucky and if you check videos you can see some guys with a hell of luck. 

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I will say that 7 months it is a bit unrealistic unless you like to use tokens to get re-fuel very often. In that case if you have the money and the time I will say yes you can do L250 in 7 months maybe in less buying fuel. Now, for normal grinding with all the game daily XP and Fuel stuff to grind and advance faster you can make it in 8 months but barely missing hours and I mean calculating the time before will stop regen which I did. 

If you are hard core farmer and sleep enough I will say that a great grinder it is someone who can make it in 12 months. A crazy insane person who do it in less time, he or she is a crazy and insane person. I did in 2 accounts so I know and I still a top grinder. 🤦‍♂️

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nice. Awesome. I know a player who started same month like a week apart of me and we played against each other till recently. He advanced his account as fast I did. I finished before him but he was normally ahead of me and I had no idea how the hell he did it because my timing was top notch. 

I did O.D FARM in 8 months and OKI in 9 months. 🍺 WOW, Congrats. That was a hell of work and gold collected.👍 

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