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Trolls fast

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Welcome to the new SuperMechs community.


We create a new clan thread to find new players and to promote clan activities.

Due to the fact that the Trolls fight every week for the highest place on the podium - we have certain requirements for potential newcomers. If anyone is interested - leave a message here and we will discuss all aspects in private communication.

Feel free to offer yourself. If you need help building .. if you want to be competitive - you're on the right track.

We also have a little secret - we don't know what an S  box looks like .........


We will gladly accept new members to our family and give them the joy of playing and communicating (medal pixels guaranteed)


Trolls Team



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4 hours ago, R.A.M.B.O said:

I've been asked like 10 time in arena if I wanna join trolls ;-;

You cared about the Trolls ... worried when we took the Molten Beast for an hour. We thought you had a secret sympathy for us and  perceived this as a hidden desire to join. And I personally don't see anything wrong with being asked to join. It should boost your self-esteem.

Your stay and other clans in the past is not an obstacle for us

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