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Portal Help!!!


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- Do you need help with the portal?

- Are you able to complete the portal? If so, share your build.


I decided to create this post, In helping others with portals. (Didn't find an old one).

Here is a build that you can use in Normal and Hard Mode, on Auto. It is 100% effective in those two, Normal and hard, portals, on auto.



Depending on the difficulty of the portal, you can also use it in insane, yet has to be manually. Though, depending on the portal difficulty, it is not effective.


So, Today's portal is on the insane level of difficulty. You need a different one. Here is one.



To complete it, without reviving, you must be lucky and get two repair kits.  The idea of using this build is to keep over heating the portal mechs, and keep close range. I'm not getting into other detail of how to win. If you die, learn from mistakes and be smart.


Will update another if I can.


If you have any other builds that help, post them. Especially in the insane mode.

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