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Legacy Item Portal (from the Balance Team) Idea Request


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What legacy items are useful in the game right now?

@Alexander and the Balance Team are thinking about creating one legacy item portal per month that can be used to get these legacy items.

I believe the conditions are that it must be a legacy item that is useful in the game right now.

I can't create a poll because I don't know what they all are.

So please just reply with your vote: what items?


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36 minutes ago, Asther said:

I'm all for having bully/blowback back!

For those who don't know, they're 1-2 range pushers (like repulser) with 3/4kb respecitvely and 2 uses if i recall correctly.

Push and Blowback you are talking about I think. they both have 1-3 range, but Push has 4 knockback, and Blowback has 5.

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