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Captions For Different Torsos - Arena


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I am not sure if this would even be possible, but it would add some humor, to the Arena, when a match starts. Here are some ideas:

Monkey Torsos: " Let's Go Bananas! "

Vests: " See My Vest, See My Vest, I Have A Pure Magma/Lightning/Hardened Chest! "

Sith: " Your Lack Of Faith, In The Force, Is Disturbing.. "

Nightmare: " I Will Haunt Your Dreams! "

Interceptor: : " Target Acquired. You're Going Down, Buddy! "

Zarkares: " I'm Hot And Heavy! "

Windigo: " I'm Big And Buff! "

Naga: " Shocking, Isn't It?! "

Grim Reaper: " Your Death, Will Be Swift!

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It is a nice suggestion, though sadly sm's theme is more sci fi and less funny, that's how it seems at least. Maybe this could be something you could optionaly turn on.

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