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SJNiksZ buying new offer Today :)


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Great Video !

And thank you for sharing !




An other prove that this game SuperMechs is broken in so many ways !

One way :

4000 tokens = $ 70
(if you buy them without special offers = regular prize)

1 single Meta item (depending on how you define the Meta items) !

RIP SuperMechs !

BUT being a small online game AND being the MOST EXPENSIVE game in the world does NOT FIT ❗

An other way:

Around +100 players / accounts have most Meta items MULTIPLY times (up to 6 - 8 times) !
Around 10 players / accounts have ALL Meta items MULTIPLY times (up to 6 - 8 times) !

Of course we believe that they ALL spent $ +7,000 ❗

If you "assume" you need $ 150 for the same Meta item you need / you want to have !
And this assumption is VERY low about multiply Meta items,
as we all can see about the drop-rates for one specific item !



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