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Clan War rewards are bugged



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30 minutes ago, Enerjonn said:

So we won our clan war

Yet we receive the prize for second place

"A" box with 40 tokens instead of an

"S" box with 80 tokens.

Help please

Clan is Metal Reign 


There is a bug in the system for very long way back before I started to play this game. Many clans suffer at some point and that include from top to the bottom. We had lose and got the winner prize and we had win and got the second place prize. 🙄

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Just now, Enerjonn said:

So we need to lose so we can win.

That makes perfect sense. 


Sadly it is a thing that many clans have to live with so far time to time. The % seen on your adversary in the war area you know well if you win or lose just watching how much damage has been inflicted and when the system calculate sometimes is right at first or in the second attack and sometimes is off in both. Let say your clan won first fight with 85% and and won the second with 84.8%. When the war ends it does give you the calculations of both clans and when you check what you saw independently per attack it is way different not making sense. I have seen I lose only by 0.1% then the final calculation shows like lose by 5-8%. That it is a bit insane. 🙄 

No clan can be blame because it is a game glitch. No clan should be angry to the other clan. 

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